Privacy Statement

We at AllenForce want this site to be a safe and private place for users.  When you provide your email it is stored with your personal information.  With your permission, AllenForce may notify you of special events and upcoming activities that may be of interest to you via email.  We will not sell, trade or rent any of your personal information to any other person or organization, for any purpose, except with your specific permission

AllenForce will honor your privacy and keep your information in-house.

There are certain actions of our site that require you to provide personal information, such as:

  • sending an email
  • making a donation
  • requesting facility information
  • registering for trainer information

Anytime you provide personal information, the terms of this privacy policy will govern our use of the information you have provided.

Web Accessibility Statement

In the development of the AllenForce web site, the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) were followed.

Visit How to Change Text Size or Colors for browser specific information. Many current browsers may be sized up or down using CTRL+ and CTRL-.

This site uses CSS to control all of the presentation. Turning off the style sheet will affect the visual presentation and may affect the functionality of the site for some users.

Images used in this site include a descriptive ‘ALT’ attribute. Those images which are purely decorative or used for layout include a null ‘ALT’ attribute.

Accessibility for all users is extremely important to us, so if you have a problem or suggestion for, please contact us.



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