AllenForce brings together veterans, families and communities in an effort to bridge military and civilian life. We launched in 2012 with an established program: Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies.


HMHB is a free program implemented by licensed fitness centers throughout the nation to provide veterans

  • Two, one year memberships
  • Up to 15 personal training sessions
  • Monthly networking events


SheForce empowers women directly impacted by the military and their unique needs with the confidence to reconnect and honor their femininity as a professional and civilian.

  • Monthly gatherings
  • Supportive environment
  • Educational opportunities
  • Motivational Speakers
  • Inspirational Retreats


VETANK provides a national network of all-terrain chairs available for use by qualified veterans, enabling independent participation in outdoor and adventure recreation.

  • National host locations
  • AllenForce reservation system
  • Safety training and specific agreement

Adventure Sports League–Our current large project is working to develop an adventure sports league. ┬áThis league provides an outlet for competitive, recreational, and adventure sports with teams of all ages and all abilities.

Other AllenForce projects include increasing community awareness, providing resources for continuing education, networking, and advocating for ADA compliance. We also support events for families, friends, and recreational and adaptive sports. As we grow, our projects will become programs.

To support a family-friendly and healthy environment, AllenForce does not serve alcohol at its programs.



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