Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies: Serving Injured Veterans.

Images of military and civilian life
photo courtesy of Shawn McMahon

AllenForce is a not-for-profit organization that serves all veterans from all eras. We bring together veterans, families and communities in an effort to bridge military and civilian life.

We achieve this by empowering our participants to lead healthy and successful lifestyles through a variety of programs and opportunities for activity and networking.

We realize this process requires proven solutions and dependable resources along the way. Our projects include:

  • Community awareness
  • Educational Workshops
  • Professional networking and social networking opportunities
  • Social events
  • Advocating for ADA compliance
  • Peer and family support
  • Family outdoor interactive retreats
  • Adventure recreation and adaptive sports
  • Advocating for female veterans’ needs


To promote a healthy and successful lifestyle for all veterans of all eras of the United States Armed Forces and their families by providing positive networking, fitness and recreational opportunities and community events.  AllenForce strives to bridge the gap between military and civilian life as veterans face an ever-changing adjustment process after serving our nation.

Core Values

Our values are a constant in an ever-changing world. These are the practices and principles we use to interact with each other and how we accomplish our mission.




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